Boston Food (Coppa Enoteca, Double Chin Cafe, Little Donkey)

On a passe moins de deux jours a Boston. Pour manger la nourriture la plus interessante, il faut qu’on rende visite a Coppa Enoteca pour la pate d’uni, Little Donkey pour leur dessert de cookie dough sure, et Double Chin pour leur Cube Toast.

We spent less than 2 days in Boston and wanted to make sure to eat the most interesting food. So we decided to visit Coppa Enoteca for their uni pasta, Little Donkey for their safe to eat raw cookie dough, and Double Chin for their matcha ice cream cube toast.

Edible Cookie Dough dessert from Little Donkey.

Huge and delicious cube toast from Double Chin, with mochi, pocky, fresh fruit, cereal, and chocolate drizzle.

Perfect uni spaghetti from Coppa.